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We are delighted you have stopped by. Home Education Ireland is run by mother and daughter team Dawn and Angelina. We are new to home schooling in Ireland and wanted to share our daily lives, amongst topics of interest. Keep up to date with upcoming home education events both in Donegal and across the country and help us find resources for others to use. We are interested in a holistic mindful approach to home education but welcome other methods and curriculum based learning. Should you have topics you wish to submit, message us directly via phone or email.

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Fraction Lesson: teach your class fractions with Math Man

Although held in a classroom setting it certainly could be adapted and made very unique to home schoolers. We love the museum idea and it makes for a great way to strike up more in-depth conversations and exploration of fractions.


Teach Your Child To Type

Teach Your Child To Type.

Teach Your Child To Type

Teach Your Child To Type

This lovely simple to follow tutorial is ideal if you would like your child to learn typing skills. It comes with a variety of learning levels and Angelina just loves it. She has picked it up so easily and its helping her speed up her blog work and no doubt will aid her in future with other things. Let us know what you think and how you or your child got on with it.

Irish Storyteller tells Bridgette & Lurikeen

Horrible Histories – Literally: The Viking Song

The Vicious Vikings belt out a soft rock classic from the brand new series.

Largs Viking Festival 2014 – The Battle Coming This August

The Largs Viking Festival is a yearly event held in the town of Largs on the west coast of Scotland. It is a week long event and celebrates Viking heritage, with live music, arts and crafts and historical re-enactments. The event culminates with the re-enactment of the 1263 Battle of Largs followed by the burning of a longship and ending with a spectacular fireworks display at the Pencil Monument.

Visit http://www.largsvikingfestival.com for further information.

Dog In Space By Matthew Sweeney

Dog In Space By Matthew Sweeney.

Dog In Space By Matthew Sweeney


This Weeks Poetry Piece I completed with my mum and brother is all about a dog that went into space.

I drew a picture of it and here is the poem as well.


The barking in space

has died away now,

though dogbones rattle.

And the mars of teeth

on the sputnick’s hull

are proof of battle

impossible to win.


And asteroid-dents

were no help at all.

Did the dog see,

Through the window,

earth’s blue ball?

Did the dog know

that no other dog

had made that circle

around the earth-

her historic spin

that turned eternal?
Dog In Space

Viking Ireland 1 – Weapons – The Axe

For the love of Vikings…we are besotted!!! Thanks Antjie a fellow home edder for submitting this fab piece of footage. Making it part of our home ed today!!!

Teaching Mindfulness To Children

Mindfulness- Dante has a habit that is common in all of us: his mind shifts backwards to the past and forwards to the future, so he misses out on things that are going on in the present. Mindfulness, an ancient Buddhist practice, can help Dante and all of us focus on the present and think about our problems without reacting. It involves becoming a nonjudgmental, outside observer of your own thoughts.

Hen Conference 2014

The Big DayAugust 21st, 2014
The big day is here.


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